Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tombstone Tuesday: Another View of Prairie River Cemetery's Graves

The picture above is another view of some of the graves in Prairie River Cemetery, and I took this photograph when I stood behind my Stout ancestors' graves. I took the picture because I wanted to have a few photographs to help me figure out the location of my ancestors' graves in case I ever forgot where in the cemetery they were located. I especially took the picture because of the two columns in the background. Those two columns had been a part of my grandfather's story about a visit he made to the cemetery with his aunt many years before, and he claimed that they were connected to our ancestors. (I will explain this in another post, later.) The columns are a part of the Major family plot, and indeed there is a connection as Peter Stout's sister, Sarah, married a John M. Major. She is buried in the same cemetery as well. (I suspect it is in the Major family plot, but I haven't confirmed my suspicions yet because I did not look the last time I was at the cemetery.)

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