Sunday, January 18, 2009

Searching For My Ancestor's Grave: A Wild Goose Chase, Part Three

In the previous post, I left off at the point where we had returned to our hotel room and eventually went to sleep. Before we went to sleep, though, we had decided that we would pay visits to the the two funeral homes in Three Rivers that the County Clerk's office had recommended that we contact. (Why Three Rivers? Well, my great-grandfather traveled on with his father's body to Three Rivers, and that was where my great-grandfather met up with the local funeral director to bury his father.)

So, the next morning we got up, and after having breakfast in the hotel, we left to visit one of the funeral homes in Three Rivers. The County Clerk's office had given us the name and address of the funeral home and since I had map of the city, we were able to find the place. We went inside, spoke to one of the funeral directors, and explained that we were looking for records as to where we could find the burial place of our ancestor. When we mentioned that the burial occurred in the early 1940s, the man explained that the funeral home we were in did not exist at that time; however, the funeral home had bought out a funeral home that did exist at that time. The funeral, though, did not have the records of the former funeral home because they had given the records to the Three Rivers Public Library. My grandfather and I then decided to return to the Three Rivers library, and see if we could find those records.

In the next part, I will write about our visit to the Three Rivers Library and our visit to another Three Rivers funeral home. Stay tuned ...

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